The geographic separation of today’s families often makes coordinating and performing caregiving activities difficult. As a result, many families are turning to technology for help. Distant Daughter is a service that researches, reviews, and recommends technologies meant to manage or monitor the activities of family members when a caregiver cannot physically be present. Distant Daughter’s product reviews provide information on the affordability, ease of installation, key features and functions, and ‘staying power’ of electronic and technological devices to help those caring from a distance. In addition, Distant Daughter develops  personalized technology plans for caregivers and families, offers customized research projects for business and community organizations, provides training and development workshops for family and professional caregivers, and conducts workshops on aging and aging issues for general audiences.



Teresa L. Keeler, Ph.D.

Cropped-photo2Teresa has more than 20 years of experience performing market analysis and relocation services in the corporate sector, and program development and community relations activities for higher education. Over time, her professional experiences guided her graduate studies: at first, examining government administration and its effects on local communities; then later, exploring uncertainty and family decision making during elder care. The information gathered during her research, combined with her personal experiences caring for aging parents, prompted her to start Distant Daughter. Her goals are to make caregiving less stressful for families and to make communities more liveable for aging adults.

Teresa has a BA in Economics from Stonehill College, a MA in Public Administration from the Fels School of Government at the University of Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. in Communication from Rutgers University. Her dissertation was titled “Problematic Integration and Information Management: The Communicative Behaviors of Adult Siblings during Elder Care.” Prior to founding Distant Daughter, Teresa owned Orella Associates, offering care planning and disputer resolution services for individuals and families in transition, and taught Communication and Information Technology courses at Rutgers School of Communication and Information.